Exploring and Living in Cuba

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Exploratory tours with Destination Cuba, a company with over twenty years experience in the country.

Come see the country before the changes happen, meet the people, experience the culture first-hand, and discover the country’s potential in a safe and crime-free environment for Americans.

Our Mission: To provide independent travelers with the most authentic Cuban experience at a  fraction of the cost of hotels and pre-packaged tours.

Speak spanish like a Cuban
Christopher Howard’s

Official Guide to
Cuban Spanish

For those who want to communicate with the locals and to develop basic Spanish survival skills, purchase our one-of-a-kind eBook which includes Cuban slang


"Despite being a fluent Spanish speaker I can assure you that Cuba has its own language, culture and expressions. Even after twenty years traveling to Cuba, I always keep this book on my tablet so that I can maneuver through Cuba’s linguistic maze."

Max Gómez, Cuba Scout, Travel Expert

New third edition
Being updated due to
rapidly changing events

Christopher Howard’s

Living and Investing
in the New Cuba

The Official Guide
to Relocation

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